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The Climb is All

Language Artists Ink


Language Artists Ink provides custom writing services for the purpose of developing compliant and compelling proposals, auditable corporate documentation that aligns with cybersecurity frameworks (e.g., HITRUST, NIST, PCI, etc.), technical operations guides, blogs, press releases, case studies, and more. We focus on providing our clients with highly-qualified candidates for permanent placement within their organization(s) to deliver these goods. But we also perform Rumpelstiltskin-esque ad-hoc document development, via our team of freelancers, without requiring anyone’s firstborn as compensation.



Our mission is to preserve our language, particularly in the form of written communication, to pass on to future generations. We strive to achieve this by providing access to the most qualified writers among us, so that our clients may charge them with delivering eloquent, insightful, and compelling messages that honor our language tradition.


Language Artists Ink is an expanding network of lettered practitioners in disciplines of communication, who recruit for the same. Comprised of marketing professionals, journalists, technical writers, proposal managers, training consultants, editors and more, we are uniquely positioned to source and vet the human resources our clients seek.

We pair organizations with exceptional wordsmiths who deliver the content that drives business forward. Language Artists Ink strives to preserve the integrity of language by facilitating the masterful crafting of messages.

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